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September, 2007

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Three years ago I founded this blog. Today I finally wrote a meaningful post. Will it be three years until the next? Stay tuned to find out!

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    Word Breaking Japanese Is Hard

    Recently a Japanese user wondered why searching for " あいう " or " あいうえ " would not find a document containing the string " あいうえおかきくけこさしすせそ " even though searching for " あい " or " あいうえお " would find it. Recall that the default for search in Vista is that...
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    Why is searching for large numbers working poorly in Vista?

    Say you have a document containing the number 1234567890 (it might be a part number or an invoice number) and another containing the number 1234567891 (presumably the next part or invoice). You want to find the former document so you do Start > Search...
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