One thing I found useful when working with MSCRM is the possibility to directly access records by hitting its direct URL. Out-of-the-box this can be manually done by opening a record and hit CTRL-N or CTRL –D. Later copy the URL and past it to your e-mail. Whoa I love CTRL-C. Well by adding below script to your onload you will have a new ready to email link in your right corner of the record.

  • Fast access to direct record, sharing, etc
  • Useful for testing
  • Could be extended with url copied to clipboard

    Feel free to rewrite script in an iframe for support. See this script as an idea.

    NOTE! Customizations directly to the DOM are not supported by the product group.

    Notice new link in right corner of entity! Click the E-mail opportunity link to open outlook with direct URL pasted to e-mail

    function createSendLink()


    var strUrl = "";


    if (IsOnline())


    var title = "Please followup on Opportunity [" + + "]";

    var id = crmForm.ObjectId;

    id = id.replace("{",""); id = id.replace("}","");               

    query = '' + this.location;

    query = query.substring(0, query.indexOf('?'));

    strUrl = query + "/sfa/opps/edit.aspx?id=";                     



    if (IsOutlookLaptopClient())

    strUrl = crmRcUtil.ServerUrl.replace("MSCRMServices", "") + "sfa/opps/edit.aspx?id=";


    strUrl = escape(strUrl);        

    var a = document.createElement("a")

    var aText = document.createTextNode("E-mail opportunity link...")

    a.href = "mailto:&subject="+title+"&body=" + strUrl + id;    = "EmailLink";



    if (document.getElementById('_MBcrmFormSubmitCrmForm1truetruefalse')!= null)


    var cur = document.getElementById('_MBcrmFormSubmitCrmForm1truetruefalse')            

    document.getElementById('mnuTitle').insertBefore(a, cur.nextSibling);