This is a very simple sample how you could reuse MsSvAbw.AddrBookWrapper to populate a text field with chosen outlook user(s) from the address book. The idée is to reuse a dll found in Windows Sharepoint Server (2003) called MSOVABW.dll and script code. This could be extended to be used in many different business scenarios..



    <title>Lookup Outlook Address book</title>

    <script language="VBScript">

        function AddrBookVB(strExist)

              Dim Users1

              Dim t

              Dim s1

              Dim item

              L_MsAddrBook_TXT = "Title: Microsoft Address Book"

              On Error Resume Next


              Set t = CreateObject("MsSvAbw.AddrBookWrapper")

              if Err <> 0 then


                    set t = CreateObject("MsoSvAbw.AddrBookWrapper")

              end if

              if not IsObject(t) then

                    MsgBox "Error object not found.."

                    AddrBookVB = ""


                    t.AddressBook L_MsAddrBook_TXT & "", 1, "", "", "", Users1

                    For each item in Users1

                       strExist = item.SMTPAddress


                    Set t = Nothing

                    AddrBookVB = strExist

              end if

        End function




<body marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scroll="yes">

    <form name="crmForm" method="post">

        <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2" border="0">



                    <textarea name="users" rows="5" cols="64" class="ms-long" title="Add users text field"></textarea><br>





                    <input type=button value='Lookup Outlook Address Book' id='AddrBookID' onclick='document.crmForm.all.users.value = AddrBookVB(null)' />