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October, 2007

  • Jonas Deibe - Dynamics CRM, C#, JS

    Improved Mail Merge with Word

    More nice end-user features...Mail merge grabbs data from CRM to already predefined organization/user owned/personal templates inside Word. Create your new mail merge template based on your role and access. Fill in the details and create...
  • Jonas Deibe - Dynamics CRM, C#, JS

    Convergence 2007 Copenhagen

    Starts in a few days unfortunately for me I won’t join since I'm still on parental leave... but you guys/girls who attend have fun and looking forward hearing all the gossips later. Hope to join the convergence at Orlando in 2008 instead. http:/...
  • Jonas Deibe - Dynamics CRM, C#, JS

    10 nice new features in CTP 3 (CRM 4.0)

    This is my current list from a business perspective (not the 110001 bits -maybe next blog post?) and it works out-of-the-box. Auto-resolution start writing and press (ALT CTRL - K) for suggestions in your lookup box (Try it on customer field in opportunity...
  • Jonas Deibe - Dynamics CRM, C#, JS

    Screencasts from Philip

    Richardson has added 3 great videos showing new features in CTP3. Please enjoy Export customizations Duplicate Detection http://www...
  • Jonas Deibe - Dynamics CRM, C#, JS

    Titan (CRM 4.0) preview

    2 days after the NDA restrictions here is my story.. Multi Multi Multi -Language: Additional language packs will be available. You select in your profile your interface language, even help language could be chosen. -Currency: More than one currency...
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