I think the Tablet PC is one of those things that people often don't "get" until they actually use one. So this post probably has two audiences - my fellow drooling gadget freaks who didn't order a laptop at work until they could get a Tablet PC, and everyone else, who will look at me funny and say "you know, you can get a pad of paper and a bunch of crayons for $10". You guys still DON'T GET IT. But I digress.

Here's a plan for hours of happiness:

*Actually, they're only selling the capless model right now - mine arrived yesterday, and I'm already hooked on it. It's got the shape, heft, and feel of a fine fountain pen, whereas the standard Toshiba pen is more of your everyday Bic ballpoint. The semantics of the capped model is interesting: why is there a cap, since there's no inky nib to protect? Is it because people like the sense of removing the cap before writing? And how do you use the eraser if you cover it up with the cap?

Update: the capped model is now available as well.