Charlie Kindel kicked off an interesting discussion today amongst Microsoft bloggers about the relationship between blogs, search engines, and more formal support channels such as MSDN. As a side-effect, Raymond Chen kindly pointed me at his .Text referrer-log tools, which enabled me to scratch an itch that I've had for a month.

Namely, how much should I be charging Toshiba and/or Microsoft for all the Google hits I get for my post “What is all this stuff doing on my computer?”. As it turns out, here's what people are interested in:

Hits Search term
86 000stthk.exe
43 tfnf5.exe
35 tabtip.exe
23 wisptis.exe
21 trot.exe
20 tabbtnu.exe
19 tpwrtray.exe
12 ndstray.exe
18 tpa.exe
9 touched.exe
1 toshkcw.exe


(If you're searching for more information about one of those executables, I explain what they do in this older post)

And here are the lessons that I draw:

  • I should be charging Toshiba (000stthk, tfnf5) more than Microsoft (taptip, sapisrvr).
  • 000stthk is a terrible name for a binary - maybe people are suspicious of that 000 prefix?
  • toshkcw is a great name for a binary - as long as it's running on a Toshiba.
  • Neither Toshiba nor Microsoft have done a great job of explaining what this stuff is.

How about you? What's the most suspicious, obscure, or just plain stupid executable name that you've ever seen?