This morning there's been a bunch of Microsofties blogging about the rumor of Bill Gate starting his own blog - first up was Dan Fernandez at 8:11am, followed quickly by Mike Hall at 8:30am, and Korby Parnell at 8:59am. Why the synchronicity? Do we all have the main feed streamed straight into our implan… our inboxes?

Sadly, no. But a lot of us do subscribe to an internal “Blog Discussion” mailing list - and when an interesting story hits that, you can bet that pretty soon we'll be blogging about it. I think Dan wins this time, since he got the story before it appeared on the mailing list at 8:16am.

Of course, we also use the list to riff a little about the stories:

DL Byron: “Man, blogging is about to Jump the Shark
Me: “If so, that means billg is the Fonz”
DL Byron: “FonzBlog?”