All Tablet PCs have extra buttons next to the screen, to give the user non-pen-based input options when in tablet mode. And of course these buttons can be remapped by the user - the question is what to map the buttons to, and why?

Here's my current setup and the reasoning behind it:

  • Right button turns off the screen - this is a standard Tablet PC option that Toshiba have for some bizarre reason disabled on the Portege 3500. Big thanks to Rob Bushway for finding monsus.exe to do the trick.
  • Middle button maps to the space bar - or "scroll to the next page" in any reasonable text app. Especially nice when reading documents in portrait mode.
  • Left button toggles the screen keyboard - when the tablet pc is on my desk, I rotate the keyboard around so that it's out of sight. Mostly I use it as a second screen for my desktop, but sometimes in standalone mode I still want to enter text (e.g. my login password).

Now, roundabout here I was going to say how I really wished that I could set up the buttons differently for different screen orientations - but I just noticed that option is already available in the screenshot :-) So, I'm thinking that I should set up a dedicated set of "reading" buttons for portrait mode, freeing up the middle button to use for something else in landscape mode. Any suggestions? What do you map your buttons to?