As promised, I'm returning to the topic of offline files. My previous article resulted in a lot of comments, so the client-side caching team have kindly pointed me at their internal FAQ. It's not yet in a customer-ready form, but I'll try to use it to answer some of the requests for help.

  • Robert Lewis asked how to stop synchronization complaining when the server-side share has been moved. According to the FAQ, you can either rename the share in the cache by using csccmd /moveshare, or delete the files from the cache using the "Delete Files" button on the Offline Files tab.
  • William Barrow and Bob Wilson both ran into the problem of being unable to access their offline files after an account change. There's a blank below this question in the FAQ, but from the syntax of csccmd it looks like csccmd /resid should do the trick.

The csccmd.exe utility is part of the Windows Server resource kit, which you can download from here.

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