For the huge positive impact that it's going to have on developers and administrators everywhere, the release of Virtual Server 2005 seemed to go by with barely a whisper from Microsoft blogs. One of the coolest aspects of Virtual Server is that it plays well with MOM and SMS right from version one. That's why there's a combined launch roadshow going across America, showcasing MOM 2005 and Virtual Server 2005. For more details about Virtual Server versions and pricing, check out the press release.Pull a server out of thin air

Greg Scher of the Unofficial Microsoft Weblog picked up on the significance of the launch when he wrote:

This will give reporting in SMS the ability to differentiate between physical and virtual servers so that they can be patched appropriately. In other words, a virtual server wouldn’t necessarily require the hardware drivers that a physical server requires so this capability gives administrators the ability to now target those patches based on this criteria.

We couldn't have put it better ourselves :-) Then he goes on:

Not sure why, but it looks like servers hosted on Virtual PC for Mac will not be supported. That’s a bit disappointing given the recent release of a new version of Virtual PC for the Mac. If someone can clarify the TECHNICAL reasons for this I’d be interested to hear them because I can’t see any… and no cynical replies please.

I'm guessing that there are indeed hard technical problems here - not impossible problems, but ones that would take a lot of time to consider, solve, debug, test, and support. And that translates to a delayed release and increased cost, to support a relatively small market segment. We can never make everyone happy, and there are trade-offs everywhere: I'm betting that this was one of them. Sorry :-(

Oh, and isn't that a cool tag line? "Pull a server out of thin air". Kudos to whoever in marketing came up with that!