MMS 2005Ok, I know that I said I’d cut down on the SMS and MOM blogging, but really, these quick posts just write themselves. Registration is now open for MMS 2005, so if you’re at all interested in what Microsoft is doing to make it easier to manage computers, go sign up today at! As in previous years, it’s at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas: I know, I know, same old restaurants, but those sharks never get boring. And make sure to follow Martin Dey’s official MMS 2005 blog to answer all your questions about how to spend your time between April 18th-22nd.

I’ll probably be there with the Product Formerly Known As Indy – we hit our first big coding milestone last month, so now we have real running production code to show people! Anyone want to organize a management bloggers get-together at MMS? Rod, you going?