Right now Maxthon is my tabbed browser of choice – it’s slick, rock-solid, and uses the IE6 rendering engine for maximum compatibility. Most importantly, it’s being updated at a feverish pace that would put a pack of crazed weasels to shame.

This morning its auto-update feature offered me v1.2.00, which adds an RSS sidebar to the mix.  How could I say no? One minute of OPML importing later, I had the sidebar up and running. It’s got most of the features you’d expect: auto-discovery of RSS feeds on web pages, tooltip previews of blog posts, and nice integration with the web browsing experience. No CSS-based “newspaper” view of your feeds, though, and very light on the configuration options.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re just getting into weblogs, or you don’t want to run a separate app (if you’re a power user, I can heartily recommend FeedDemon)

Maxthon RSS sidebar