Yesterday was naming day! The Project Formerly Known As Indy is now:

System Center Capacity Manager

We already have a nice little placeholder page on, and you can see Sabrina McBride giving our demo starting about 43 minutes into Kirill’s keynote video: 56 kbps, 100 kbps, or 300 kbps.

Thankfully no-one leaked the name, but now you can see why I was a little unsure about the acronym – just like Eileen Brown is. How long till customer start pronouncing it “scum”? And of course our initial product (SCCM 2006 Express Edition) leads to the unfortunate pronunciation of “scummy” :) So let me be the first to spread the meme that you should call it “CapMan” for short. Yes, capman. Look into my eyes. You are feeling sleeeeepy. Capman, capman, …

Ok, on to the reactions:

Finally, for those of you who couldn’t make it to MMS 2005, Kurt Shintaku announces “Return from MMS”. This will pack a lot of content from the conference into a one-day event in southern California on May 10th. Check out his post for more details.