In August 2004, I mentioned that the Tablet PC uses managed code for parts of its inking support. Specifically, tabtip.exe and tcserver.exe. Buried wayyy down at the end of the comments you’ll see my acknowledgement that there was a “known issue” with a memory leak in tcserver.exe. I’d actually reported this bug to the Tablet PC team before, but without a clean repro they had no chance of fixing it in SP2.

And so the bug, and the workaround, went basically unnoticed in the wider world — until Andrew Orlowski at The Register picked up on it, and Scoble made his lame “I just reboot every day” admission. At which point things got much more interesting. I’d already been working with a Tablet PC dev to narrow the bug down, but suddenly he was told to make it a higher priority. Funny, that :-)

Different code fixes followed in short order, and pretty soon I was dogfooding the patch you can now download for yourself: “KB895953 - Memory Leak in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition”. Keeping quiet about this has been killing me, so it’s great to see it out at last. And it seems that I’m not alone: