In the days leading up to a major US military operation, there's supposed to always be a noticable spike in pizza orders from the Pentagon. This is a classic example of information leakage via a side channel — and one shared by Microsoft. Put another way: if your favorite Microsoft blogger stops blogging for a while, there's a pretty good chance that they're putting all their energy into an internal project instead. One with a big, fat, looming deadline.

The Indy team just went through one of these experiences, and it pretty much wiped us out, which is why I was so quiet in July. Looking back, we were crazy to have even set the deadline in the first place: we took on a project normally left to teams who are much bigger and more established than our little startup, and we completed it in just a few weeks (with a lot of help from a few good friends — thanks guys!). So, the bad news is that we're probably insane, but the good news is that System Center Capacity Manager is going to be much better as a result. And now that it's all over I've got a whole heap of blog entries churning around and ready to go. Look for more regular updates in the future.

If you want to surreptitiously track our next insane deadline, you'll need an inside line on the burrito orders from Ooba's in Redmond, WA. I can recommend the steak.

And no, we didn't invade anything.