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January, 2006

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About Jonathan Hardwick

I'm a software architect in Microsoft's Enterprise Management Division - we produce and sell applications that make it easier to manage hundreds and thousands of Windows desktops and servers. I started at Microsoft as a researcher in Cambridge, England. I also act as a moderator for MSDN's Channel 9 community site.

  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Where can I get System Center Capacity Planner?

    Short answer: System Center Capacity Planner is on TechNet disc 0422, which went out this month. We’re actually “featured content” — I think this is what we get in return for exclusivity! System Center Capacity Planner (SCCP) ships this month and...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Aaaaand, we're back

    I’ll be making lots of updates to the nonadmin wiki this week. Yesterday it was three months’ worth of press articles about running as a non-administrator , and today it’s two webcasts and two whitepapers for the other resources page*. This is also...
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