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Improving the performance of Visual Studio

January, 2007

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About Jonathan Hardwick

I'm a software architect in Microsoft's Enterprise Management Division - we produce and sell applications that make it easier to manage hundreds and thousands of Windows desktops and servers. I started at Microsoft as a researcher in Cambridge, England. I also act as a moderator for MSDN's Channel 9 community site.

  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Visible Recycle Bin Considered Harmful

    Lazy-blogging (verb): The act of letting a thought sit unblogged for long enough that someone else blogs about it instead, thereby saving you the effort. cf lazyweb. Case-in-point: Many of us OCD types find it impossible to sit with a non-empty recycle...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Comment spam has got the better of me

    My apologies if you're seeing any of my old posts reappear as if freshly published. Comment spam has gotten so bad on some posts that I'm resorting to disabling comments completely. I think this triggers a republish by Community Server (at least, I have...
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