October, 2006

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About Jonathan Swift's Blog

Jonathan Swift is an Application Development Consultant working in the PSfD (Premier Support for Developers) team at Microsoft.

Recently he's found that there are so many programming areas he'd like to focus on that he hasn't focussed on any one half as much as he'd of liked. An issue compunded by a 2 foot tall stack of books with bookmarks in each.

When he's not working (and reading), he spends time with his family and very occasionally gets to go flying a Piper Cherokee at his local airfield.

He hopes to learn more about games programming in his spare time and promises to share anything interesting he learns with you all : )

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    Customer Care Framework

    I've been in Redmond all week checking out CCF with the product group. Some of my clients are looking at utilising its features and so I'm busy getting the lowdown on the CCF roadmap etc. Not many people tend to have heard about it and its capabilities...
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    .NET Interop - Freeing unmanaged memory

    OK. Imagine you need to call an unmanaged function. Now imagine this function returns you a pointer to a block of unmanaged memory that it's allocated. The runtime will clear this up for you right? Wrong. Well, wrong a lot of the time anyway. The runtime...
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    Dynamically calling an unmanaged dll from .NET (C#)

    This sample is in response to a question left on my previous post, namely how to call an unmanaged dll from managed code when the dll in question isn't known until runtime (for instance, the path is stored in the registry, or an xml file, etc etc). ...
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    Calling an unmanaged dll from .NET (C#)

    OK, so this first example is going to show how to call an unmanaged dll from .NET (C#). There's no better way to explain how it all fits together than by example, so first off we're going to create an unmanaged dll in C++. The function we're exporting...
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    COMing up..!

    I've been asked by one of my clients to run a workshop that goes through .NET and COM interop, a subject I've done a fair amount of work on in the past. It's an interesting topic (at least I think so ; ) and as such I'm going to put excerpts on here for...
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