You know – we want the end of IE6 as much as you do. I don’t know why companies continue to hold out. Whenever I’ve looked into circumstances that keep people from moving on, it’s almost always some silliness – and I need to stay away from expressing my true feelings on this. Bottom line: IE6 was not meant for what can be done today (since it was released 10 years ago). It’s like saying Windows XP was meant for today’s users. Sorry, those products are from a different era. Time to move forward to IE9 and Windows 7.

In this vein of wishing for the end of IE6 usage, Microsoft has created The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown site. It is informative (like showing IE6 usage by country), and provides assets to allow you to express your desire to end supporting IE6 users. Also includes guidance for consumers and corporate scenarios.

Jon Opinion: just refuse IE6 traffic and that will kill it. 8-> But, this site has a banner for your IE6 users with a more encouraging message, and you can register to have your logo shown on this site.