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  • Blog Post: What is Office 365 ?

      I’ve seen a little buzz on Office 365 , but hadn’t really looked into it yet. Then, someone on Facebook pushed this article at me, and I know now that I really need to check into it.  I’m thinking that a lot of companies, small and large, could find value in this. Check out a few excerpts...
  • Blog Post: PowerPoint 2010 and Broadcast

    My manager just mentioned this feature of PowerPoint 2010, and it seems cool enough to share / remember. So, check out this blog post from the PowerPoint Team Blog, titled Introducing Broadcast Slide Show . There’s a video to show this nice little feature. They say: PowerPoint 2010 makes it easy to present...
  • Blog Post: Teachers: A New Way to Engage Your Students, with Mouse Mischief

    Microsoft Mouse Mischief is something the REAL teachers can use. If you already have a projector and are using PowerPoint, then this really makes sense to take a look at. Imagine paying ZERO for software that lets you have an interactive question during your lesson. Take a look at the video and case...
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