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  • Blog Post: Surface Launch – Keynote Outline

    Outline The Screen Why is 10.6 inches significant ClearType display 16x9 aspect ratio Has to feel right - light (1.5 lbs), but strong Micro SD Card Power life, recharge speed WiFi (2x2 MIMO antennae), and the hotel story Video scenario “transferred the movie from my device to you through my Xbox using...
  • Blog Post: Ballmer Keynote at CES

    CES Keynote Video (58 minutes) and Keynote Transcript Interesting things from my view: Kinect sold 8M Kinects… integration with Zune, Hulu, Netflix ESPN Avatar Kinect WP7 9 phones across 60 mobile operators in 30 countries 100 new applications every 24 hours Updates coming through the year Games for...
  • Blog Post: Zune, continues to raise the bar

    Lots of happenings and announcements this week in the Zune world. New Zune HD The new device multi-touch navigation (touchscreen), HD radio, HD video out, wi-fi, web browser, and two storage sizes to choose from.   New Zune 4.0 software The new software has a updated look. Has new features like...
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