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    Viewstate error in mobile ASP.NET app

    This is my third mobile post this week! This one was tricky to track down so hopefully this will save someone some time. The symptom you see is that users get the following exception. If you're using ASP.NET 2.0, we would log this to the Event Viewer...
  • Jerry Orman

    Determining what capabilities ASP.NET is using to render pages

    When you make a request to an ASP.NET based site, the browser's capabilities are determined by the <browserCaps> section in the 1.x Framework and the .browser files in the 2.0 framework. Knowing which capabilites that ASP.NET is using to render...
  • Jerry Orman

    Mobile ASP.NET Emulators

    When developing Mobile ASP.NET apps, it is useful to test the application across a variety of devices if the site is going to be posted to the internet. ASP.NET Mobile controls rely on adapters to handle rendering on the different devices. In order to...
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