Jerry Orman

Adventures in SharePoint
  • Jerry Orman

    Finding a workflow using an activity

    Had an issue come up where we wanted to find all the workflows in a SharePoint 2007 environment that were using a certain workflow activity.  Each list has a workflow association collection that tells you the workflows that are configured for the...
  • Jerry Orman

    People Picker, why don’t you trust me?

    Working with an environment where the QA and development machines are in a Test domain, while the production farm and all the primary users are in another domain.  There is a one way domain level trust where the test domain trusts the production...
  • Jerry Orman

    What in the User Profile Service Application is going on here?

    While working with PowerShell to build out Service Applications, I managed to get my test farm into a state where I no longer had a User Profile Service Application, but the user profile timer jobs were still around.  Trying to create a new User...
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