I just got this question:


“The problem is that I am creating a new custom report using the INativeReportV2 interface.  I am trying to apply Aging Options Filter to the report.  The problem is, how I do capture those values in the CreateDesign method?  The CreateDesign method only accepts the IReportDesign parameter, it does not pass in the IReportFiltersV2 parameter.  If you can provide any advice on this issue, I’d really appreciate it.”


The only answer I could find is: … you don’t


You can’t do that in the CreateDesign method that is. You will have to cheat and create the columns in another method where you do have access to the IReportFiltersV2 parameter.


CreateData would be a good option for such a method – but then I don’t have access to the IReportDesign !?!


Well you will have to cheat a bit and keep a reference to the design in a class variable, the reference can be set in the CreateDesign method.