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  • Blog Post: Exporting XML columns from SQL to file in SSIS

    I had a requirement to facilitate some testing with an internal customer which involves periodically exporting XML which we store in SQL Server as XML data types. One requirement was to use some column data (e.g. a sequence number, dateTime and identifier) being returned in the query as part of the file...
  • Blog Post: An update to BAM SSIS pre-requisites

    I got a call today from a client who was doing his initial install of BizTalk 2009 and had a similar issue as described in my post Do I need to install SSIS on my BizTalk server to configure and use BAM? NO! The difference was that he was using SQL Server 2008 and the installation options are a tad different...
  • Blog Post: Setting up SSIS on a SQL Server which does not have a default SQL instance

    This one caught me a few weeks ago setting up the infrastructure to support my BAM solution in a new environment. Although the environment was already setup for BizTalk, it had never been configured for BAM. I needed to install the SQL Workstation Components on the BizTalk servers, as well as SQL Server...
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