This is my first post, so I feel the need of doing a little presentation.

After discussing with a couple of friends I have decided to write in english -Rido has decided post in spanish-. My first language is Spanish, so be prepared to a lot of grammatical mistakes. Even with that handicap, I hope you don't have problems understanding the posts. -any comments on that? better english or spanish?-.

Actually I'm working as consultant in Microsoft Spain. I typically collaborate in projects with the role of software architect, eventually combined with project manager role. This means that sometimes I have to design the solution, sometimes to provide technological advise, sometimes to review the current design. Despite all of these circumstantial details, I consider myself a developer. Basically I enjoy my job.

Some of my interests are the development methods -especially the agile movement-, development/design techniques and tools, languages -actually C#- and distributed systems -starting with Indigo-. Sometimes my focus is driven by the project needs, so the posts can be very diverse.