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  • Blog Post: XML Notepad 2006

    There is a new tool for editing XML documents, XML Notepad 2006 . I haven't still used it too much, but I'm giving it a chance.
  • Blog Post: PInvoke Site

    I have found a wiki-site about PInvoke . Nice idea from Adam Nathan .
  • Blog Post: Support of import in xsd.exe

    I was trying to create a C# class with xsd.exe from an schema that imports others schemas like that xsd.exe /c schema.xsd and it fails miserably reporting an error like "The datatype 'xxx' is missing.". Basically xsd.exe doesn't resolve the schemaLocation attribute. Dare Obasanjo's article addresses...
  • Blog Post: More on Secure Code

    Since my post on Secure Code I have been searching for resources on Microsoft about writting secure code. I have found a dedicated page on the Microsoft Security Developer Center, a PAG guide , some guides and checklists , some code samples , the tool Windows Application Verifier , the book "Writting...
  • Blog Post: Secure code

    I have been involved on a local focus group about writing secure code. Basically the idea is think about how Microsoft can help the developers in doing secure code, with a similar meaning as the book Writing Secure Code . I would like to ear about what we are doing well and bad, what is more important...
  • Blog Post: Another application for WordML

    At least the different articles I have read are using WordML in a different way than we are. The main use of WordML is for obtain a set of data in XML. They are using Word as a entry of formatted data. We are using it for the opposite. We create a report template in Word, attach an schema and save...
  • Blog Post: Coding Standards

    Rido has post a kind of poll about the naming of private members. Some comments on using PascalCase, camelCase, _undescore... IMHO, the point is to have consensus on the development team. That can be a personal -very subjective- preference, with similar arguments in each case -more readable, more...
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