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May, 2004

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    feedback: export makefile

    Stephane asks where the "export makfile" in VS 2002/2003, and if it is coming back in whidbey (VS 2005). unfortunately the answer is that export makefile does not exist in any version of VS since 6.0 (98) and there aren't any plans to change...
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    understanding the VC project system part VII: "makefile" projects and (re-)using environments

    many people have codebases that they don't have the luxury of building with the VC project build system. yet they may still want to use the Visual Studio environment to get intellisense on their code etc etc. unfortunately, the intellisense editor features...
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    long time...

    it has been a while since i posted last. that's what i get for letting things get out of hand around here. we've been pushing hard towards getting the first beta of visual studio 2005 (whidbey) ready and that has been taking most of my time. that plus...
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