I must apologize for not posting sooner.  I have been insanely busy for the last few weeks working on getting the new emulator bootstrapping scenarios working with the newly refactored code base, but I am current have a few spare minutes while I re-image my main machine, so I thought I'd pass along an update on our MDC bits.

The bits we will give out at MDC at the end of the month are near being finalized.  The MDC bits are based on DevDiv's Partner Drop 4 branch.  Partner Drops have typically been produced primarily for internal consumption by the partner teams of DevDiv, but it was recently decided that these Partner Drops would also start being dropped to the community as well, starting with PD4.  So, even if you won't be attending MDC you may still be able to get the same bits.  At this time, I don't know if these community drops will only be available via an MSDN subscription.  I certainly hope not, as we will get broader feedback if they are available to anyone willing to give them a try (these aren't Alpha or Beta quality, so you only want to install the community drops on a machine you can afford to re-install the OS on).  I'll post more details (or a link to them), when I have them.

PD4 will not have device MFC scenarios enabled.  The changes to get those scenarios going were just to large to push through to the PD4 fork, but some MFC scenarios will be enabled for PD5 (the second community drop).  Also for PD4 the ATL ActiveX controls scenario will not be enabled, but most other ATL scenarios should be working.  Our basic Windows CE Application Wizard will also be working, although a manual workaround will be required for if targeting both Pocket PC 2003 and Smartphone 2003 from the same project.  For PD5 all ATL scenarios will hopefully be working at least at design time, but I expect there will be bugs in the ATL ActiveX controls at runtime, as this area hasn't been heavily tested yet.  Also, the manual workaround required for the basic Windows CE Application Wizard will no longer be required for PD5.

There are no wizards associated with the C++ Standard Library, but it is available for consumption in PD4, and will have fewer bugs by PD5.

For those who have sent me feedback to which I have no yet responded, I apologize, and I will try to respond later tonight or this weekend.