The idea of releasing frequent, say 2-6 weeks, community drops (i.e. not officially Microsoft supported in anyway, shape, or form) of just the Windows CE C/C++ libraries (ATL, MFC, CRT, SCL) has been tossed around of late; however, we have not gotten any feedback on Visual C++ for Devices on the first community drop of “Whidbey”, which was distributed on the web and at MDC and is the communities first look at things to come in native device development, so I was wondering if anyone would actually find this useful and most importantly provide us feedback.

A second community drop of  “Whidbey“ will be given out at Tech Ed and distributed on the web shortly, and then Beta 1 will be released in the next few months (don't remember the exact date off hand).  Is getting the Windows CE C/C++ libraries via the primary “Whidbey” community drops and beta's sufficient, or do folks think there is value in distributing them as appropriate (i.e. when requested modifications and fixes are in).

We would appreciate you feedback on this topic.