Today we completed the planning for our August sprint, which translates to the VS SDK 2005-09 potential release, since we name the release after the month it will be available in rather the month it was developed in.  Barring any scheduling errors, unforeseen fires, or gross under-estimations, we are expecting to complete 5 additional reference samples this month, which will mean doing the work for 4.5 this month versus 2.5 last month (the C++ Package reference sample was not completed last month as the VSL work was not completed due to some unforeseen fires)!  We had more development time available on the schedule this month due to having two new members added to the team, the expectation of fewer distractions, and we are attempting to get agile in our testing and bug fixing, which meant scheduling only 1 day for the final test pass and bug fixing, instead of four days as we did last month.

We also moved from working against Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 branch to working against the Visual Studio 2005 RTM branch, since churn is dramatically lower in VS at this stage in the development cycle, one or more RCs will be released in the not to distant future, and we want to be able to release SDKs for these one or more of those RCs (but no necessarily all).

The VS SDK 2005-08 has not yet been posted, so hopefully it will be tomorrow.