The following question was posted by Marc:  "Do you have any plans regarding the PDC? As I understand it, we'll get the (latest) VS2k5 bits at PDC -- will we have an matching SDK? ".

The answer to question #1 is that we are sending some folks to speak at PDC about Visual Studio as a Platform (Visual Studio Extensibility, Visual Studio SDK, etc.), and certain folks on the team are busy working on PDC content even now.

The answer to question #2 is that we don't know for certain, as exactly which build of VS will be available has not yet been determined.  Hopefully be able to post a recent compatible VS SDK to the web; however, there is some possibility we will need to post a legacy VSIP SDK rather then recent VS SDK, and there is a very, very slim chance that we won't be able to get any SDK up at all.  More to follow when we know more.

Yes, we are aware it's lame we don't have a better answer, and hopefully we can get all of our ducks in a row here in the Developer Division regarding intermediate builds of Orcas (code name for the next version of VS to follow VS 2005).