The Visual Studio SDK 2005-08 Community Tech Preview was just released to the web for your integration pleasure.

Follows is the readme included with the VS SDK 2005-08 Community Tech Preview:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SDK Readme

What’s New

The SDK is undergoing a complete reorganization. As part of that reorganization, monthly SDK previews ( CTP quality ) are being provided to the community.

The Aug 2005 Preview Release of the VS 2005 SDK targets VS 2005 Beta2.

This drop includes:

A new folder structure is in place. SDK releases will be hosted in a parent folder. One Help folder will be contained in that parent folder, as well as multiple release-specific folders named yyyy-mm to correspond the folder to a specific drop of the SDK. This folder structure reflects the final organization.

All VSIP SDK content is provided in an Unsupported folder. The SDK team will be updating samples in the Unsupported folder and moving them to the Samples folder over time.

In the Samples folder are:
   2 New Complete Managed Samples
   1 New Partial Native Sample
   The new samples use a style and reach a quality level that all new samples will be authored to.

Updated documentation, that matches the new layout and samples, is in-progress. The current documentation is a direct copy of the VSIP SDK documentation and references the VSIP SDK layout.

One difference between the old VSIP SDK and the new VS SDK is that the assemblies installed for design time reference are stub assemblies without implementation. These assemblies have all the types and methods defined in the one used at runtime, so that the design time experience is in no way affected. This does mean it is no more possible to use them to run actual code. The reason why we decided to make this change is that we don't want to have multiple copies of our assemblies on the customer machine because this will make servicing them difficult or impossible; and this way it is not possible that a customer will include these assemblies in a installation package by mistake; making the servicing problem bigger.

Known Issues

  • Setup does not properly replace Help and Wizards in the “reverting to previous” SDK scenario.
  • Setup will fail if the installation path is customized to path with more then 128 characters excluding the drive letter and the slashes (we realize it is ironic to put this information in a file that is installed by setup, but at least know you know that we know about the problem you have already workaround).
  • Help Workshop does not load, Help Workshop Projects cannot be authored in this release.
  • Documentation contains references to VSIP SDK layout which are no longer correct.
  • C# samples may hit a continuable (ignorable) exception "NoCurrentProjectException". This is a known issue with Visual Studio 2005 Beta2 and has been fixed. When the VS SDK is updated to target post-Beta2 builds this issue will no longer exist.