At the moment, we are in the process of doing our final testing on the VS SDK 2005-09 Community Tech Preview.  This is the last task for our August sprint, and our sprint review is tomorrow, planning for the next sprint will occur on Thursday, and the next sprint will begin on Friday.

We were not able to complete the C++ Tool Window Reference Sample, but we are including it in the release to provide a preview, as most of the functionality is present.  However, the actual code for this sample is prototype code, and should not be copied.  We are going to need to replace the use of the VB ListView ActiveX control with something else, as it was just discovered that it does not fully support Active Accessiblity (i.e. it can access the control and the column header for the report view, but not the list items), so that part of the sample will need to be re-written.  The ISelectionContainer implementation is also extermely rough and needs to be partially factored up into VSL as one or more re-usable classes.

The C++ Package Reference Samples and the C++ Menus and Commands Reference Samples are in good shape though, and we'll also provide the C++ Service Provider Reference Sample with the VS SDK 2005-10 CTP, as well as completing the C++ Tool Window Reference Sample.