The C++ Services Reference Sample is nearly complete, with scenario testing, adhoc testing, a few unit tests, and some additional comments still being needed.

I'm going to swap back to the C++ Tool Window Reference Sample and see about getting the persisted tool window portion of the sample straightened out so that the list view properly supports accessibility and in turn scenario automation.

I also just met with UE about getting VSL documented.  Apparently the creation of our reference docs is all automated now; however, that automation relies on reflection, which obviously doesn't work for a C++ template library with no typelib to generate an interop-assembly from.  The hope is that the tool used to automate the the creation of the 'new' (5 years ago) reference topics for the Standard C++ Library are still around, but if it's not there may be some manual topic creation, or it may not get done until one of our absent UE folks with relevant automation experience get's back.

I just sent them following list of VSL classes I felt critically needed to be documented by whatever means necessary:

  • CommandId
  • CommandHandlerBase
  • IOleCommandTargetImpl
  • VsSiteCache
  • IVsPackageImpl

Please, leave feedback if you feel that a particular class not on that list is critical need immediate documenting, based on your review of VSL and the C++ Reference Samples in one of our recent CTP releases.