We have nearly completed our September sprint (yes, it's October and we are not done yet, we started out extermely overbooked for the month sprint, and even after extensive cutting, never got caught up).  Once complete we will release the VS SDK 2005-10 CTP, which will effectively be the RC for the first official release of the new VS SDK (as opposed to the VSIP SDK), which should be released later this month.  If we don't find any ship stopper after the CTP is released and none are reported by you, the community, the content in the official release will be the same as the content in the CTP.

The unit tests for the C++ Tool Window reference sample were not finished in entirety, and a number of new things added to VSL were also not unit tested.  We also did not do the architecture diagrams done for the C++ reference samples.  Nor did we get strings for extended error information added to VSL (although they have been added to the reference samples).  All of these things were cut (and we are still late).  The C++ Tool Window sample proved to far more costly then anticipated.  The C++ Services and Tool Window reference samples are only trivially documented, and only a fraction of VSL is documented.  Adding more verbose comments to VSL was also cut for this sprint.