The VS SDK 2006-08 CTP will include a new Powertoy called the Extensibility Explorer.  The Extensiblity Explorer displays that Visual Studio 2005 registry hives (i.e. 8.0 for the regular hive and 8.0Exp for the experimental hive) and all of the packages registered under each hive.  Additionally, under each package are displayed the global services, tool windows, editors, projects registered to that package.  The properties displayed in the properties window for the selected package indicate whether the package is loaded or not.  The properties for the tool windows indicate whether the tool window is active and whether it is visible.

The VS SDK 2006-08 CTP will also include the source for the Extensibility Explorer as the C++ Extensibility Explorer Reference Sample demonstracting the use of VSL's new VS hierarchy classes.

The new VSL classes are:

  • IVsHierarchyImpl
  • IVsUIHierarchyImpl
  • IVsHierarchyEventsDelegate
  • VsHierarchyRootItemBase
  • VsHierarchyItemBase
  • VsUIHierarchyItemBase
  • VsHierarchyRootItemBase
  • HierarchyNode