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Visual Studio Team System - Web and Load Testing

June, 2005

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About Josh Christie

Josh Christie is one of the three developers that created the web and load testing product in Visual Studio 2005 Team System.



  • Josh Christie

    Web Test Recording

    Our Web Test Recorder works differently than recorders in some other web/load testing products. We actually hook IE navigation events while others use a small proxy server to intercept and record requests. There are advantages and disadvantages to both...
  • Josh Christie

    Automatic Hidden Field Tracking

    I wrote the following response to an MSDN forums question asking how VIEWSTATE is tracked in a web test. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. For many sites, the Web Test Recorder is able to automatically detect the use of hidden fields...
  • Josh Christie

    Upcoming Public Chat

    Please join me for a public chat this Wednesday. Come prepared with lots of web load testing questions, suggestions, and praise for the development team :) Team System Developer & Test SKUs Public Chat Every 3 rd Wednesday of the Month @ 10am...
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