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Visual Studio Team System - Web and Load Testing

July, 2006

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About Josh Christie

Josh Christie is one of the three developers that created the web and load testing product in Visual Studio 2005 Team System.



  • Josh Christie

    Can I call a web test from a web test?

    I've seen this question come up several times recently, so I'm going to try to provide the full answer here. Let me start by saying that we have some significant changes in the pipeline that will make calling a web test from another web test a fully supported...
  • Josh Christie

    So you want to replay an IIS web server log?

    A few months ago, a group in Microsoft wanted to be able to play back a large IIS log as a Visual Studio web test. They started off with a converter that converted the IIS log into a gigantic coded web test. The 118MB .cs file that resulted was a bit...
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