April, 2009

  • Josh Gaffey's Blog

    Why cheap developers will cost you

    I’m going to take a break from the normal techno-speak ASP.NET and SharePoint for a minute because I was recently reading something that really struck a chord with me as I’ve been experiencing a lot of it lately.  I was reading this article on The...
  • Josh Gaffey's Blog

    DataFormWebPart Parameters and ParameterBindings

    Since my post on Easily Making the DataFormWebPart Reuseable , I’ve had a couple questions on the parameters and how to make use of them.  I’m going to attempt to document some of the more useful parameters, but hopefully provide a framework for...
  • Josh Gaffey's Blog

    Changing the SharePoint Welcome Page through code

    Sometimes you will have a feature that you activate on a sub site where you want to change the “Welcome Page” or landing page to be a custom one that you provision through your feature.  I was doing this the other day and realized that it isn’t blatantly...
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