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October, 2004

  • SpankyJ

    Good blog entries on .Net GC

    I just ran across these, they are a couple of really good reads on the .Net GC...
  • SpankyJ

    Good reading about 64-bit .Net and the GAC... Via, Junfeng.

    Here are a couple of really worthwhile entries written by Junfeng on the GAC, why you might compile platform specifc and 64-bit... I don't know if I need to bother with my intended GAC entry anymore...
  • SpankyJ

    How the OS Loader will force .Net v1.0/1.1 executables to run under WOW64 on a 64-Bit Machine

    [10/15, 2:04pm, fixed a couple typos; 10/15, 4:51pm, clarified a point] Before you read this entry, you might want to read these two entries: - -
  • SpankyJ

    XC#, seems like a really cool tool

    I was just playing around with some stuff at home where I was wishing that we had compile time attributes, it looks like XC# supports what I was looking for, I'll have to play with it a bit to be sure...
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