Adventures in the guts of Oslo... M, Mg and other language fun...

November, 2008

  • SpankyJ

    Using MGrammar to create .Net instances through Xaml

    In the last couple months I have had more fun playing with MGrammar than just about any other programming I’ve ever done, but in its current form the one thing that really feels missing to me is an easy ability to create CLR object instances. MGrammar...
  • SpankyJ

    MrEpl a fun way to learn MSchema

    One of the hidden gems (in my mind, but then I’m biased) in the Microsoft “Oslo” SDK that went public at PDC is the “M Script Mode” in Intellipad which we affectionately know as MrEpl. MrEpl is a REPL processor for the MSchema language and is a great...
  • SpankyJ

    What have I been up to?

    My blog has been a little quiet in the last year or two after I left the CLR and went to work for Doug Purdy’s ( ) team in the Connected Systems Division. Since then I’ve been having amazing amounts of fun and working on lots of...
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