Phil from the MVC team posts some Thoughts on ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 and Beyond

I've been following the ASP.Net  MVC project from back when it was an internal-only project.  I haven't had a chance to play with Preview 2 yet, but I hope to once my day job calms down a bit.

One of the main goals of the MVC framework is to make ASP.Net more unit-test friendly.  SkyDrive and FolderShare are built on a PageModel system that our team sort of invented to help us unit test our business logic.  (See Dan's posts Here )  We hope to at some point move our codebase over to the new MVC framework, as it has lots of cool features like URL routing and clean html generation that we are big fans of.

I also think it's cool that the team is posting all of their code to CodePlex every few weeks.  Want a new feature?  Write it yourself!