If you're a Microsoft Certified or Gold Certified Partner, you can access free, unlimited competitive and technical help from our Telephone PTS service.

  • Access to an ever-growing collection of hard-to-find reference materials, proof points, research content, and related collateral.

  • Presales technical assistance on product capabilities, features, configuration, compatibility, and deployment troubleshooting in a testing or demo environment.

  • Assistance with business issues related to security, cost/value comparison, total cost of ownership, licensing, and pricing.***

  • Guidance about configuring a demonstration environment.

UK Partners can call +44 870 60 70 700* and choose option 1 followed by option 2 from the main menu.  Have your Microsoft Partner ID to hand.  If you prefer to email, you can email askpts@microsoft.com, again quoting your partner ID. 

* Long-distance and local service charges may apply.
***Competitive sales assistance and licensing information availability varies by region.  Full information can be found online at the Microsoft Partner Programme Website.