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  • Blog Post: TFS 2010 - Using a TypeConverter to display your custom Process Parameter list type

    I just helped someone today with this common problem... "How do I get my custom list process parameter to show something besides '(Collection)' in the Process Parameter property grid?" The answer is really simple if you are familiar with the WinForms property grid. The PropertyGrid class looks...
  • Blog Post: WinForms: Subclassing the TextBox inside a ComboBox

    I learned something new today and decided to share it here. Problem: I have a form with a ComboBox that has a style of DropDown. This style allows the user to type anything into the ComboBox. To aid the user AutoComplete is turned on. But when the user used Ctrl+Z or Undo from the context menu...
  • Blog Post: WinForms AutoLayout Basics – Button

    I know. I know. You know everything there is to know about buttons. But, please bear with me. In my last post, I created a form that had two buttons, OK and Cancel. The form was very simple, but there are actually issues with the buttons on the form. The main problem is that the buttons don’t AutoSize...
  • Blog Post: WinForms AutoLayout Basics: TableLayoutPanel

    So, you are designing a form in Visual Studio and you need the form to size dynamically to its contents. If you try every property on every control you might figure out how to do this. But you would be better off if you had an example. Check out this post and the ones that follow:
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