Http Client Protocol Issues (and other fun stuff I support)

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  • Blog Post: Anaylyze HttpWebRequest Hangs with a VB DebugDiag script`

    Here is a VB Version of the JScript DebugDiag script for analyzing WebRequest hangs using DebugDiag . It has several improvements over the previous version. First you will notice many similarities...
  • Blog Post: Create a script for DebugDiag to analyze Managed WebExceptions

    DebugDiag was originally designed to help IIS engineers find issues in IIS. It does not have a very rich experience however when analyzing Managed Exceptions. I will show you how to modify some existing scripts and use then to analyze issues with the HttpWebRequest class. First copy the existing script...
  • Blog Post: Analyzing HttpWebRequest Connection Saturation in .NET

    WinDbg is a powerful tool and can use the SOS extension (that ships with the .NET framework) to look into and analyze Managed Code. Another powerful tool is Debug Diagnostics. It uses the same Debugger Engine that WinDbg uses and can run analysis scripts. You can use Debug Diagnostics and a custom script...
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