Http Client Protocol Issues (and other fun stuff I support)

If you use any of these solutions, Please let me know so I can track if any of this is useful to you! Thanks!

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  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting code that uses the HTTP protocol

    Overview You can solve issues encountered when using the HTTP protocol by applying the principles in this article. By simplifying the issue into a small reproducible problem you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve most problems encountered in code that uses the HTTP protocol. Crucial steps to troubleshooting...
  • Blog Post: msxml3.dll: Access is denied. msxml4.dll: Access is denied.

    The following vb Script can fail with an "Access is denied" error message: Dim aRequest Set aRequest = CreateObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") aRequest.Open "POST","",False aRequest.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" aRequest.Send...
  • Blog Post: How to Send SOAP call using MSXML (replace STK)

    I know... This is a simple thing, but there is no documentation on it so here it is: UPDATE: You can now use Windows Webservica API (WWSAPI) to create native code WebService calls! The SoapToolkit (STK) is out of support. So what if you need to make a SOAP call in VB 6 or scripting? Realizing that...
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