Well, after many weeks of work, I've finally checked in Votive v3. It is now available after any build >= 3.0.2120.0. You can download it from here.

Just to highlight a few of the new features that are available...

  • MSBuild support – the .wixproj file format is now an MSBuild file so you can build your Votive projects from the command line outside of Visual Studio
  • Wixlib build supported – there is now a third project type to allow building wixlibs
  • Wixlibs and extensions are supported by adding them to the project references – in v2 only wixlibs were supported
  • Source Code Control (SCC) support – Wix projects can now be stored in a SCC system
  • Many bug fixes and greater stability
  • New flashy icons for the file types :) Here are some of the new icons:

  • The setup for Votive itself is written and built using Votive and the WiX MSBuild tasks, which means that I get a lot more test coverage and hopefully will have less regressions
  • Cool new flashy property pages that support setting all of the properties for candle, light, and lit. Here's a picture of one of the pages:

    (Click the image for a full screen version).

There is still lots of stuff to do on Votive (see one of my last blogs for details), but this hopefully will give a solid and stable base for people to start using. Let me know what you think!

[Edited] Updated the build number to >= 3.0.2120.0 and the location of the install has changed.