I went up to Toronto last week and gave my first keynote at VSLive Toronto. The show was a lot of fun and had about 450 people show up.  The talk was a lot about the productivity enhancements coming in VS 2005 with Paul Yuknewicz doing a demo of VB 2005 and Kevin Collins talking about SQL Server Mobile 2005.  We also announced the winners of the Canadian Imagine cup and got to hang out with some of them afterwards.  Although I'd definitely lost some sleep preparing for the keynote, it went off well

We also did a user group tour meeting that night, which was different from our normal UG.  Paul demoed Whidbey for about 45 minutes and then we had a panel of conference presenters.  The panel was Keith Pleas, Kate Gregory, Rocky Lhotka, Billy Hollis, Dwayne Lamb, Richard Hale Shaw, and me.  I was definitely in some quite illustrious company. 

Questions from the audience were all over the map, talking about documentation, product futures, language relationships, etc.  One question that I got was whether or not Microsoft is planning on killing VB in favor of C#.  I have no idea where this rumor comes from, but let me be perfectly clear on this one:  Microsoft is entirely committed to VB, doing a lot of innovation in it, and sees a great future for both C# and VB.  Full stop.  No discussion.  We're going to keep doing lots of innovation in both languages and working to ensure that all languages get the full power of the platform.  In VS 2005, VB is getting My, Generics, Edit and Continue, Code Snippets, and a bunch of other features.  C# is getting Refactoring, Generics, anonymous delegates, Code Snippets and a bunch of other features.  To quote Billy Hollis: “The language wars are over.  We all won.“ 

Thursday we had a great trip downtown, sponsored by some of the folks from ObjectSharp.  Not only was this one of the few opportunities to get into Toronto (the conference was near the airport) but also was a great opportunity to meet some new folks including DataGrid Girl and Barry Gervin

So how many of you are going to be coming down to TechEd in San Diego?