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Jonathan Rozenblit


Jonathan Rozenblit

Though I have done many things in my IT career (data centre management, architecture, development and then development management), somehow my work always came down to what is closest to my heart; the Microsoft platform. I speak “platform”, rather than “product” and have primarily worked with .NET (C#), SQL, and SharePoint to make behind-the-scenes magic happen. Now, I have the honour and privilege of rocking Canadian developers’ worlds with Windows Azure – being the “Cloud Dude” on the Canadian DPE team – throwing yet another way of doing things into your toolbox.

JR vPrevious (me... you can call me Jon, Jonathan, JR, Microsoft Guy, whatever you’d like...) came from a world of enabling people through process to run as a dynamic, yet effective, development shop. JR vCurrent has the pleasure of continuing to work with people and companies throughout Canada in developing their Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) methodologies and implementing them through the tools available on the platform.

Like most of the team, I am a geek and will take playing with servers and code over sports any day! Adding to that, you also have my Trekkie-ness (all of my machines at home (and yes I have several) are named after Starfleet ships!), and my social networking addictions. You can catch me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Windows Live Messenger (, and others.

I can’t wait to work with you. Together, we’ll demonstrate the awesome-ness of the Microsoft development platform by designing and developing apps that deliver business value (that’s what we have to tell those who pay the bills).

Drop me a line at or follow me on Twitter (@jrozenblit)!